Commission Gallery

Each Hunziker painting commission begins with a client and creative brief. The idea of the create brief is to act as a road map for the project. The brief includes parameters such as subject matter, size, color choices, CI rules etc.

Some clients submit images of the space where the painting will be displayed as well as reference images of cars, races etc.

The next step is the design/sketching phase where Hunziker translates the creative brief into an initial sketch or multiple sketches. Once again, the client's input is sought on such matters as overall composition, angle of car, type/font treatment, colors, format etc.

Once the client approves the final sketch, Hunziker starts the actual painting phase. If so desired, clients may also receive pictures of the painting process.

Upon completion of the painting, the original canvas is photographed in the studio for the Hunziker archives and will be prepared for shipping to its new home.