Original Paintings

In 2006, Nicolas Hunziker was looking for some artwork for his own walls. When he couldn't find anything he liked, he created his own. The rest, as they say, is history.
Coming from a family of artists, he is the fourth generation painter in his family, he knew that a professional fine artist could only establish himself with his own unique style.
The high contrast, the bold use of background color, the inclusion of typography coupled with dynamic car angles: A Hunziker painting is easily spotted.
Since 2007, Hunziker has been painting professionally and with the help of his life partner, Heather Norwood, Hunziker Design was launched in 2011. The company has grown into an ever increasing juggernaut of Hunziker products and projects - all carrying the unique DNA from the original Hunziker paintings. 
By profession, Nicolas Hunziker is a fine artist: While his work for Hunziker Design keeps him quite busy, he is most likely to be found in his painting studio, putting paint brush to canvas and bringing his passion to life.