BRM Hunziker Brumos Racing Chronograph


Introducing a limited edition of 59 custom chronographs: The newest collaboration from BRM & Hunziker, built around the Brumos Racing legacy.

Established by Norbert Brundage and acquired by the late Peter Gregg in 1965, Brumos Racing became known as America's premiere Porsche racing team for over 60 years. 

The bespoke timepieces were developed alongside Brumos owner Dan Davis and legendary Brumos driver Hurley Haywood, who will lend his signature to the custom boxes created for each watch.
Following the sale of the Porsche dealership in 2015, Davis and Haywood retained the rights to Brumos Racing. Now, they’re preserving and expanding the Brumos legacy beyond the track with the official Brumos Racing chronograph.
Only 59 Brumos Racing Chronographs will be released in recognition of the famed ‘Brumos Racing 59’ livery - originally designed by Bob Snodgrass and inspired by Peter Gregg's Naval background (USS Forrestal CV-59). The Brumos Racing series features signature elements engineered by BRM to reflect the Brumos Racing ethos and hand-signed dials by Hunziker.
Now the legend of Brumos Racing will live on, one second at a time, celebrating the iconic red and blue racing colors that dominated the IMSA racing circuit for the better part of 6 decades.