Commission Process

1. Creative Brief of commission is established. This step includes subject matter, approximate size of painting, color choices etc. Clients may submit images of the space where the painting will be displayed as well as reference images of cars, races etc.

2. Commission proposal is issued to the client. Commission proposal includes pricing quote, canvas size and delivery estimate.

3. If client accepts the commission proposal, a 50% deposit is due. This starts the official design phase of the commission. During the design phase, the client’s input is taken into consideration to create the final sketch. Input may cover but is not limited to: Overall composition, angle of car, type treatment, colors and format. There is no limit to the number of revisions. The goal is to create a final sketch that meets the satisfaction of the client.

Payment of 50% deposit also triggers custom canvas order with the canvas manufacturer and reserves next available painting spot. Painting spots are allocated in the order that deposits are received.

4. Client approves final sketch.

5. Final sketch will serve as guideline to create the original painting. If so interested, client may receive pictures of the painting process

6. Upon completion of painting, the final payment is due and painting will be prepared for shipping.


The main indicator of commission pricing is the time that is required to complete the original painting. As a general rule, medium-sized (3 ft. x 5 ft.) and simple paintings take the least amount of time to complete. Smaller pieces (less than 2 ft. ) and very large pieces (over 6 ft.) are more time intensive. Large rectangular paintings take less time to complete than large square paintings.

Intellectual Property rights of paintings remain with Nicolas Hunziker Automotive Fine Art unless specified otherwise.

All payments are non-refundable.