930 Turbo Art Sticker

930 Turbo Art Sticker

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930 Turbo Art Sticker

Launched in 1975, the 930 Turbo was the fastest production car in Germany. It introduced a new generation of drivers to the phenomenon of 'turbo lag': The time between throttle application and increased power output tended to be delayed and when the power kicked it, it did so in quite an abrupt way. So prodigious was the power from the turbo charged flat-six engine, it became known as 'the widow maker."

- Based on an original painting by Nicolas Hunziker

- 2.8 in. wide x 3.45 in. tall

- Printed on 15 mil high quality vinyl

- Durable and and covered in a premium coating that protects them from exposure to wind, rain and sunlight

- Made in USA