Steve McQueen Le Mans Trilogy - Just Like Jo

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Steve McQueen Le Mans Trilogy - "Just Like Jo"


Nicolas Hunziker

Acrylic on canvas, 60" x 40"


The challenge was to create something that no one had seen before. As Steve McQueen aficionados can attest; they're familiar with every photo that has ever been taken of Steve McQueen. Recognizing the photo that a particular painting is based on has a tendency to take the viewer 'out' of the painting, it's like a reverse meta effect. These paintings had to show McQueen in an heretofore unseen way.

Taping into the "making of" vibe, the idea of the Behind The Scenes atmosphere of the cult film "Le Mans", gave rise to this original painting:

"Just Like Jo" 

Jo Siffert was also Steve McQueen's hero. As the story goes, when Steve was asked what kind of suit he wanted to wear, he pointed at Siffert and said: "Like him!"



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